Little Dreamers

Age Range - 6 Months to 2 Years

The Little Dreamers room is an open plan, interactive, and stimulating environment designed for babies aged 6 months to 2 years.

The room is set up so the babies can reach and explore the resources that they choose. Children can develop their physical skills and have fun in the ball pool, diving in and out and rolling around with their peers.

There is also an area designed to stimulate the senses for the smaller babies, to help develop their all-round development in a fun, safe, and stimulating way. The sensory area has lots of different resources for the babies to look at and work out what the objects do/ can be used for.

For more relaxed play, the babies can explore the small world toys in a quiet area of the room. The babies have a black, white, red, and silver area to explore.  In this area, they have mirrors, soft toys, and also books to explore.

The Little Dreamers also have their own garden at the front of the nursery – Designed specifically with their all-round developmental needs in mind.

Every other week, they take part in a “Tiny Mites” –  music and movement session, which is perfect for their sensory and physical development, as well as LOTS of fun for everybody!

Little Makers

Age Range - 2 Years to 3 Years

In the Little Makers room children are encouraged to become more independent under the careful supervision of our staff, to reflect their developing age and minds. We wash our own faces, brush our own teeth, and serve our own dinner, helping children to learn valuable skills which will help them as they progress through our nursery.

We like to dress up and role-play to help spark our bright imaginations, taking inspiration from stories that we listen to in our library sessions. But we also like to get stuck in! Our messy play area provides a range of creative and messy activities that children can explore. This includes sand, painting, playdough, water, cutting, and a sticking and drawing area.

The Makers and Storytellers share a garden, and have a “free-flow” system, where they are able to go outside whenever they want to.

Every Thursday, The Little Makers take part in an “All Star Sports” session, with activities designed around their physical needs, age and their particular stage of development.

Every other week, they take part in a “Tiny Mites” yoga session.

Little Storytellers

Age Range - 3 years to 5 Years

In the Little storytellers room children have access to literacy and maths materials to help them learn organically through play, and are encouraged to develop their personal, social, and emotional skills. Activities such as water play, painting, and arts and crafts areas encourage children to develop their creative side, and our garden area gives an opportunity to explore the outside world, playing in the mud kitchen, the music wall and with the doll house.

The little Storytellers talk about their emotions in a variety of ways.  We enjoy telling and listening to stories with our friends, as well as dressing up as “people who help us”, to support imaginative play and our understanding of the wider world, as well as traditional British values.

The layout of the room is well planned to be interactive and stimulating. All resources are age and stage appropriate and are situated at the childrens’ level to develop independence, and to encourage them to explore at their own pace.

The Little Storytellers have access to safe, secure outside garden space whenever they fancy – Using our “free-flow” system.

Every Thursday, The Little Storytellers take part in an “All Star Sports” session – Designed with their particular developmental and physical needs in mind.

Every other week, they take part in a “Tiny Mites” yoga session.